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      Lifetime Care for our Feathered Friends

Birds come to us from bird owners who,
in many different ways, find themselves in a position
where they can no longer care for them.



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Help the next generation
change the world for the
better. Share what can
happen to birds when they
are born into captivity.

Many people, who are referred to the Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary,  come to understand our philosophy and find that this environment is similar to one where their bird would be if it lived in its natural environment.

They see that, as much as they will miss their birds, their friends can now be with other birds. Their birds get to become part of bird communities—the way it should be.

But caring for these beautiful, intelligent creatures is incredibly labor intensive and we need support in many ways.

We hope, after you learn about what we are doing, that you’ll find ways you can offer support to enable the many birds, who now call this home, to live their lives in peace and dignity.


We will post information about items for the Auction
for 2014 as they arrive (beginning Spring 2014)