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Over Twenty Years of Caring for Birds
(and Lots of Other Critters)






Robert (Bob) and Carol Dawson, along with their kids, have been caring for birds, and other various assortments of animals, for over twenty years. In 1993, they raised cranes and ducks on acreage in Kirkland, but as they transitioned into caring for parrots, they realized they needed a larger area. They purchased a twenty-plus-acre parcel in Carnation—grounds which have now been transformed in the manner of an arboretum.

The work done by the Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary is needed 365 days a year, rain or shine and now provides shelter for over 500 birds. The Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary has housing that was intended, when they first purchased the property, to be temporary.

Their goal is to convert the housing to more permanent structures. Managing the facility as it is now is extremely labor intensive and  they hope to find support that will enable them to build more a more efficient system.

They depend on a wide range of support, including help from people who entrusted their birds to them, to friends in the logging business, to local markets. Some people offer monetary support, some stop by for an afternoon to help build shelters or move earth and some provide materials. They always have a variety of needs, so please check the Wish List and see if there is anything you can provide.

The Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary is not like a zoo, so we are not able to accommodate groups of visitors, but we have provided a variety of photos so you can see our efforts on behalf of these beautiful creatures.

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